Gas Providers UK

High energy prices have persuaded more and more UK customers to switch energy supplier, taking advantage of the money saving deals on offer. It is thought that customers could save hundreds of pounds by switching, especially with new online accounts. Many companies offer a duel fuel tariff which tends to give competitive prices if you take both electricity and gas with the same supplier, however ensure that you read each supplier’s policy as what is best for your gas supply, might not be best for electricity.

1) Central heating or insurance products cannot be continued if you switch    FALSE

These can usually be kept with your current supplier, even if they no longer provide your energy

2) I will be hit with a penalty charge if I switch    TRUE

Although this is quite a rare occurrence, if you have a capped price deal you could face a penalty – check with your supplier before signing any new contracts.

3)There will be a loss of supply to my home when I switch) I will be hit with a penalty charge if I switch    FALSE

The switch date will be co-ordinated by your current and future supplier to ensure that there is no loss of supply to your home.

There are over 23 gas suppliers in the UK, including the well known companies such as British Gas, npower, and Manweb, but there are many other smaller companies such as Virgin Energy and Telecom Plus. Sometimes it is well worth checking out the smaller suppliers as the main competitors often do not have the best deals, but are simply well marketed.

British Gas

British Gas provides electricity, gas to homes in the UK, in addition to this they also install and maintain central heating for home and business customers.

The main attractions to British Gas are the big discounts for duel fuel customers, discounts for online account, discounts for customers paying by direct debit, and having an extremely high standard of customer service.

Scottish Power/Manweb

When Manweb and ScottishPower merged in 1995, they became one of the largest competitors in the UK, providing energy too over 2.5 million UK customers

The main attraction to Scottish Power/ Manweb is their investment and research into renewable energy, for example the hydro-electric and wind farms they have installed.

The Utility Warehouse
Telecom Plus, trading under The Utility Warehouse offer gas and electricity, plus other home services such as telephone and broadband to customers throughout the UK.
The main attraction is that customers become a part of The Utility Warehouse Club and therefore receive discounted fuel.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy supply electricity and gas to over 5.5 million homes in the UK today. In 2008, EDF Energy launched the formation of EDF Energy Renewable with the intention to become a major driving force in green energy in the UK. In 2009, they took over the UK nuclear generator, British Energy, to become the largest generator in the country.